Taking LIFE head on. In anything you do... today, tomorrow or whenever! It represents your unrelenting determination and passion to be the BEST... day in, day out! This is CHOKEHOLD. This is YOU!


"The idea for the brand was inspired by my early experiences of watching my father run his small t-shirt business from the back of his van and seeing the tireless effort he put into it. Without him working hard on it everyday, me and my brothers wouldn't have been able to enjoy playing sports or other activities. I am truly grateful to him for showing me that through his fearless and unyielding perseverance anything can be achieved. No matter what you are doing or want to do, never give up and always believe in yourself. As they say, follow your dreams and the rest will come. In the end though, everybody has daily struggles and battles in life that they must face, just remember to keep your head up and nothing can stop you! This is what Chokehold is about, what it stands for and where it comes from."

- Alexander Julien

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